School Council

January 21, 2020

In Attendance: Stacy Denish, Laurie Stokes, Sue Ringdahl-Colameta, Kristen Smith, Christina Dattoli, and Dina Mccarron, RN

Old Business: Update from the school nurse-still no Medication Delegation and the search for a school physician is being explored. Texas Roadhouse Dine-In night supporting the Adams School was successful, raffle winners were contacted and items delivered.

New Business: New Superintendent Priya Tahiliani to begin March 1. Student Opportunity Act Informational Meeting will be held at Everett High School on Thursday, January 23, 6pm. School Councils, Teachers, Parents, and PTO are invited. It will not be a dinner, it is an informational meeting about how this will provide additional funding resources to school districts with high percentages of low-income and English Language Learners with respect to its implementation of the recommended changes from the Foundation Budget Review Commission 2015 Report regarding the understanding of Massachusetts schools. An informational handout of all current School Committee Members and City Councilors was made available.

Upcoming Events: Penguin Theme Day, Wednesday, January 29. Parent/Teacher Conferences Thursday, January 30, 5-?pm. Research fundraising opportunities to fund in-house field trips, such as a visit from Curious Creatures. Valentine's Day/ Friendship Day celebrated inPK3 on Wednesday, Feb. 12 and PK4 on Friday, Feb. 14.

Questions and Comments: World's Finest Chocolate was contacted and agreed to drop supply off for Spring Fundraiser on March 9. When is Teacher Appreciation/ School Nurse Day (week) observed this year? May 4-8

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 25 at 8:30am 

Minutes of December 17, 2019

In Attendance: Kathryn Chadwick, Sue Ringdahl-Colameta, Kristen Smith, Chrissy Dattoli Absent: Stacy Denish and Laurie Stokes

Drop off/Pick ups are flowing smoothly.

Compliments received last snowfall with regards to the clearing of snow around the Adams School, the additional rock salt put down on the school side sidewalks from Tileston Street to May Street was extremely helpful.

Head Teacher, Mrs. Stokes, contacted Geskus about the PreK 3 class picture error.

Texas Roadhouse gift card sales by the PTO is successful, gift cards will be delivered by Friday, December 16, before the holiday break. The Texas Roadhouse  Dine-In Night for the Adams School will be Tuesday, January 7, 2020, students are encouraged  to bring flyer and/or pass  out to family and friends.

The Adams School would like to thank Senator Sal DiDomenico for the toys that were generously donated, the Immaculate Conception in Everett for the donation of age-appropriate mittens and hats, and the Everett Rotary's charitable donation of Target gift cards. 

• Penguin Theme Day, Wednesday, January 29. Report Cards to parents Monday, January 27.
• Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, January 30, time to be determined.

Look ahead to planning next fundraiser, potentially The World's Finest Chocolate.