The Community We Want to Be

To Our Community,

It was with unspeakable sadness that we all watched in horror as George Floyd's life was taken by a brutal, senseless, and avoidable act of cruelty by police officers in Minneapolis. In every corner of our country, including Everett, this tragedy has sparked powerful feelings of anger, frustration, and helplessness. This is a moment that demands our attention, even if it seems impossible to find words that express the pain we are sharing.


And we must share this. At a time like this, there is no space between Everett and Minneapolis and every city in between. Decency, civil rights, fairness, and equal opportunity are the ties that bind us. Our district looks forward to joining the effort of honoring Mr. Floyd by teaching the values that can render a tragedy like this as an impossibility for future generations.


To get there, though, we must courageously confront topics such as racism, injustice, and abuses of power. We have a responsibility to address them productively and in an age-appropriate manner.  In the coming days and weeks, we will share resources to support educators in their conversations with students and colleagues. Our leadership team will work internally and with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to find the best ways to engage and train our educators and to strengthen any and all of our strategies and policies relating to social and emotional issues.


In the immediate term, please see below resources that educators, students, and families can utilize as they navigate through this time of uncertainty and unease.  It is our hope that we, in Everett, can continue to come together as the strong community that we already are and work towards bringing about and being the change that we want to see in the world.

In unity,

Priya Tahiliani


 Resources for Families

Resources for Students

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